Course overview

Course overview

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Surfalytics = Surfing 🏄‍♂️ + Analytics 📊. Inspired by West Coast surfing spots 🏖️ and Pacific Ocean vibes 🌊. ❤️‍🔥.

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Surfalytics Goal

The goal of Surfalytics is to assist you in achieving one of the following:

  1. Land your first job in the data industry with literally zero experience. I have accomplished this many times across the globe.
  2. Advance from a middle-level role to a senior position (as an Analyst or Engineer).
  3. Transition from a non-technical Analyst role to a technical Engineer role.

Moreover, we will focus on creating a highly competitive CV and securing top offers. We will not consider any lowball offers, focusing only on top-tier companies and well-paid opportunities.

Finally, Surfalytics is not just a data school. It is a results-driven community with a very narrow focus, resulting in a high return on investment (ROI). Here, ‘investment’ does not mean money but your time. I am literally fighting for your attention to encourage you to study and work hard, instead of watching Netflix or playing video games.

Surfalytics Audience

The primary audience for our services includes a diverse range of individuals at different stages in their data industry careers:

  • Newcomers to the data field with no prior experience, who are aiming to secure a job quickly with a competitive salary. Regardless of background, we focus on their end goal and the effort they are willing to put in, striving to make the impossible possible.
  • Analysts and developers eager to enhance their skills and advance toward a data engineer role, as well as non-technical professionals with experience in tools like Microsoft Excel who want to secure a brighter future.
  • Veteran engineers who feel they’ve reached a professional ceiling, are experiencing burnout, and are uncertain about their next steps. Drawing from personal experience, I offer guidance on navigating this phase and achieving more.
  • Immigrants and professionals looking to relocate from Asia, Eastern Europe, or South America to North America, Australia, or Europe. These individuals often need quick familiarization with new technologies, tools, and resume standards to meet market expectations, and may seek advice on salary benchmarks and cost-of-living adjustments in their new locations.
  • Master’s and MBA students ready to enter the market but unsure where to start or what skills they are missing.

Our goal is to cater to each individual’s unique needs and challenges, providing tailored support and guidance to help them achieve their career aspirations in the data industry.

Surfalytics Community

I firmly believe that community is the most powerful method of learning.

I have always been involved in various user groups and meetups. During my time at Amazon, I managed one of the largest Tableau User Groups (ATUG), boasting over 2,500 active members. Simultaneously, I took over the BI team’s user group, which connected more than 150 analytics teams worldwide. This led to exceptionally effective knowledge sharing, problem resolution, and job searching within Amazon.

Upon joining Microsoft, I promptly initiated a new community there. Additionally, since 2018, I have been leading the largest data engineering community in Russia, with 18,000 active members.

I understand the power of community and advocate for this method of education and coaching.

At Surfalytics, I created a membership subscription that provides access to a Discord chat, monthly projects in Data Engineering and Business Intelligence, the opportunity to ask questions at any time, and continuous support throughout your journey, including career planning.

The primary goal of our community is to elevate each other on social media, assist in interview preparation, engage in mock interviews, tackle LeetCode tasks, review interviews, and share weekly progress.

Join our community for the cost of a Netflix subscription and use your time more productively.

Surfalytics Free Course

Firstly, I’ve distilled my 14 years of experience, transitioning from an analyst to a staff data engineer, into a comprehensive course Getting Started with Analytics and Data Engineering. I will publish the course on YouTube and upload hands-on labs to GitHub.

This will be divided into 12 modules:

  1. What, Why, Who, How Analytics?
  2. Databases and SQL.
  3. Business Intelligence with Tableau, Power BI, and Looker.
  4. ETL Developer with dbt (ELT), Pentaho DI (classic UI ETL), and dimensional modelling.
  5. Cloud Computing fundamentals with AWS and Azure.
  6. Cloud Data Warehouse with Redshift, Synapse, Snowflake, BigQuery, Clickhouse.
  7. Apache Spark and Databricks.
  8. Hadoop on top of EMR, HDInsights with Hive.
  9. Data Lake and Lakehouse with Trino, Athena, Synapse Serverless, and Databricks (Delta Lake and Spark Serverless).
  10. Streaming with Apache Kafka, Apache Flink, Kinesis, Spark Structured Streaming, and Delta Streaming.
  11. ML fundamentals for Data Engineers.
  12. Best practices for Data Engineers with DevOps and SoftSkills.


- Modules 1 - 3 are for roles of BI Engineer and Data Analyst. Module about Cloud Computing is helful for everyone. 
- Modules 1 - 6 are for Analytics Engineers and Gentle Data Engineers (no coding needed)
- Modules 1 - 9 are for modern Data Engineer
- Modules 10 and 11 are advanced topics and for more experienced folks
- Module 12 is for all.

Why is it free?

I don’t want to reinvent the wheel by creating yet another study platform. Knowledge is already freely available from vendors, books, and learning platforms. My goal is to guide you and help you learn the fundamentals of analytics and data engineering. You will acquire the right skills to learn effectively. Soon, you will realize that you can master any new topic and apply it at work. This is my approach to decentralizing education.

About the Founder

I found Surfalytics leveraging over 14 years of experience in the data industry as an Individual Contributor (IC). I have worked in Europe, the US, and Canada, including a five-year stint at Amazon. There, I led data engineering initiatives on petabyte-scale data platforms, contributed to enhancing Amazon Alexa, and collaborated with the Machine Learning team to deploy models for the renowned Amazon homepage. Subsequently, I joined Microsoft Gaming and spearheaded the modernization of Data Lakes and Analytics across Microsoft Xbox Studios.

My focus has always been on Data Engineering, Business Intelligence, and Data Infrastructure.

I am passionate about helping others improve their lives through teaching, coaching, and assisting in securing jobs or increasing total compensation.

You can learn more about Dmitry experience here.

Let’s connect on Linkedin.

How to Get Started

  1. Define your goal. If you feel that a career as a successful data professional is for you, then you are in the right place.
  2. Join community. You can find more information under the services

Optional: Don’t know where to start? Book a 1 hour consultation.


The content itself is free. If you share part of it, please refer to the source.

Copyright 2023 by Dmitry Anoshin.

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