Frequently Asked Questions

What is the target audience?

My key audience is people:

My primary audience comprises:

  1. Newcomers to the data field with no prior experience, who aim to secure a job quickly with a competitive salary.
  2. Analysts and developers eager to enhance their skills and progress toward a data engineer role.
  3. Veteran engineers who feel they’ve hit a professional ceiling, are experiencing burnout, and are unsure about the next steps. (Having been there myself, I offer guidance on navigating this phase and achieving more.)
  4. Professionals looking to relocate from Asia, Eastern Europe, or South America to North America, Australia, or Europe. These individuals often need to rapidly familiarize themselves with new technologies, tools, and resume standards to align with market expectations. Furthermore, they may seek guidance on salary benchmarks and cost-of-living adjustments in their new locations.

What are the key products of Surfalytis?

Firstly, I’ve distilled my 14 years of experience, transitioning from an analyst to a staff data engineer, into a comprehensive course. This will be divided into 12 modules:

  • The initial three modules are tailored for the roles of analysts and BI engineers.
  • Modules 4 through 6 transition from the traditional ETL/ELT developer role, guiding learners toward becoming adept data engineers familiar with the modern data stack.
  • Modules 7 to 10 delve deeper into the intricacies of being a seasoned data engineer.
  • Module 11 sheds light on Machine Learning.
  • Module 12 rounds off the course by discussing best practices in Data Engineering.

Secondly, Surfalytics is committed to cultivating a global community centered on knowledge exchange and support.

Thirdly, it’s not just about technical know-how; it’s also about the lifestyle and mindset. We’re geared towards optimizing total compensation, with the aspirational goal to join Club500.

Fourthly, I am in the process of designing bootcamps for specific roles: BI engineer, Data Analyst, and Data Engineer, all rooted in the core program I’ve developed.

Lastly, one of my personal dreams is to host Surfing + Data Bootcamps. Imagine starting the day catching waves and then transitioning into a data-driven afternoon. The journey of learning and earning should be enjoyable in every sense.

Membership cancellation and support

For cancelling your paid membership subscription or other inquiries, please email

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