How Surfalytics can help you to start new career in data?

One of the biggest challenges is the number of courses, training materials and tools in data space. Every year more and more tools and courses are released. Number of data influencers is growing exponentially. We agree, it is hard to start your career in data and land your first job and a good company.

Surfalytics core focus is to help you succeed on your journey towards a data career. It doesn’t matter where you are now and what you know. It is more important what your goal is. And if this is a career in data space and you’re planning to become a Data Engineer, BI Engineer, Data/Product/Marketing Analyst, Visualisation Engineer then you are in the right place. We will help you to access your current state, develop your learning plan and will do frequent check-ins to keep you on track.


Membership gives you access to Surfalytics resources, access to Discord chat, monthly projects on Data Engineering and Business Intelligence, and the option to ask any questions any time, as well as constant support during your journey and career plan.

The price is $25/month or $200/year.

Some of the most active Discord channels:

  • resume review
  • job searching and resume tips
  • leetcode crack
  • share your success or progress
  • data engineering projects
  • data analytics projects

Some of the recent projects:

  • Just enough CLI and Shell for data roles
  • Getting Started with Snowflake, dbt core and Hex
  • Building Power BI Dashboard on top of Lakehouse with Microsoft Fabric
  • Learning Synapse Analytics: Dedicated SQL Pool, Serverless SQL Pool, Spark Pool
  • Learning networking concepts while deploying Azure Databricks in ijected VNET, no public access and secure cluster connectivity

During each project we are discussing the Analytics solution in general, touching many aspects of production deployment, interview questions, best practices or real world cases related to our topics.

For each project despite the role we are using CLI, Git and IDE.

We are running projects every Saturday and start at 10am PST. Average projects takes 6-8 hours. It requires to study the topic before and publish the blog post and/or commit GitHub code for portfolio. Moreover, writing is important skill.

Career Consultations

Service Description Price, USD
Hourly Mentorship for Career Advise or Assesment As any other mentor, you can hire myself for hourly consultation to talk over your case, data career path, migration to North America, strategy to scale total compensation and many more. $200
Adjusting Career Trajectory You may be thinking about a successful career path for the next 5 years. Don’t waste time and learn from the experienced engineer who was there and can help you to choose the optimal career path depending on your needs - total compensation, company tier, work/life balance, career growth. We will start from evaluating your current situation and make sure you will get the best possible course of action for success. This will include two hourly consultation and tailored learning plan for achieving result. $500
End to End Coaching From your current circumstances towards the offer. Even if you don’t have prior experience, it doesn’t matter. All we need is consistency, motivation, and hard work. This package include the 5 consultations, your assesment, tailored study plan and Surfalytics community memborshi. $999 + 30% of your first net salary

Don’t know where to start? You may book the session discovery session with Dmitry Anoshin to start you journey!

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